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The JOY!

to be with my bf’s family the crazy grandma that is just sooooo i don’t even know how to describe her she is just REALLY OUT OF THIS WORLD! she is sometimes a lil bit ‘coo-coo’ in the head. His really crazy mom that is so supportive and I believe is one of the best person to talk to especially about personal problems (maybe because my mom never had the chance to do it with me), she’s definitely one of a kind and also a girlfriend you can drink with. His dad ooo how terrifying sometimes his big buff appearance is very intimidating but as how I observed him he is very sweet, lovable and he pushes you even though it’s a lil bit further than your limits oh he is also a bit dorky and sarcasm is more than his specialty. His big sister, I’ve always seen her as a big sister a bully to her younger siblings but she’s still there for you especially when you have no one to talk to. She’s a bit nosy but i think that’s part of the big sister role. I LOVE IT WHEN SHE’s DRUNK!! Because she just let loose and I know she needs that after being at work, taking care of three crazy minions and thank god she’s out of school. His little sister, which is like a little sister that i have but just a better lovable sweet relationship and no fist fighting, slapping each other warms my hearts’ faces and all that craziness. She warms my heart, she makes me smile and she’s also a lil okay a bit too crazy sometimes too. well what can you do she didnt chose to be crazy that’s just the family genes and it runs in her blood… But anyway, the moral of the story is that I love my boyfriend and everything else that comes with it.

My love life is not stable. Idk if we’re able to work things out and it’s so depressing idk what to do. I want to give up already :’(