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the more I think about my past self the more I


So ummm…

Overwhelmed with so much things happening on top of other things. How the heck am I gunna get through this!!! I work in between the days I don’t have school. And now RT students are going to be participating at rush week (which is next week) along with my internship clinics for 12 hours (also starts next week). Not to mention an essay due every week to be typed in an APA format. By 2nd week of October is our exam (technically finals) for mechanical ventilation. Still with internship clinics for 12 hours twice a week. And again RT students will now be doing volunteer work at valley-hi dealership for their trick-or-treat event for the kids. Do a systemic presentation about muscles by November. And November 2nd will be lung force work wich is a 5k walk organized by American Lung Association a fundraising event to help raise money for more research for lung cancer and get bigger organizations to stop selling cigarettes and end the semester on December 2nd….. I hope. Wow that’s a lot of stuff to be doing in one semester. Well gotta do what I gotta do to reach my goals and continue succeeding in life.. RT class of 2015!


everybody wanna eat dont nobody wanna cook


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